The most unusual restaurants

The most unusual restaurants

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Marketing gurus talk about standing out to be successful. So the owners of establishments strive to stand out from the series of the same as them, thereby attracting interested buyers to themselves. Often the quality and originality of food fade into the background, giving way to an unusual interior. Let's talk about twenty of the most original ideas in the restaurant business, which, at least, glorified, and at the most, made their creators rich.

Restaurant s'Baggers, opened in Nuremberg, Germany. Its distinctive feature is that there are no waiters at all. People were replaced by an automated food ordering and delivery system. The idea for the restaurant came to entrepreneur Michael Mack after he nearly knocked off his feet at his own party, serving all the guests. In order for the visitor to choose food to taste, there is a touch-screen on the table, with the help of which visitors get acquainted with the menu and place orders. A smart card received by the customer is used for payment, while regular customers have discounts. Each table in the restaurant has a kind of rails along which hot dishes are delivered to customers under the influence of gravity, and there are holders for bottles. After the customer orders the dish, the computer displays the estimated waiting time, the machine sends a request to the warehouse for ingredients, and the order itself goes to the kitchen. The principle of cooking is similar to the algorithm of a conveyor belt, which is why the restaurant has fast service and no queues. The problem of cleanliness is still solved with the help of service personnel. The creator of the establishment has already patented the idea, believing that this is how the restaurants of the future will work.

Kinderkookkafe. The most unusual restaurant in Amsterdam is called Kinderkookkafe. Its highlight is that in this children's institution, visitors are served by young Dutch people under the age of 12, they even cook their own food, however, under the supervision of an adult cook. At the entrance, you will be met by a little head waiter and will politely listen to all your wishes. The institution is famous for its delicious food, desserts are very popular, while the main part of the menu is devoted to traditional Dutch cuisine. It has become a good tradition to leave a big tip in a restaurant. The parents of the young employees say that the work in this institution has benefited the children, they have become more responsible and obedient. It is only surprising how the authorities allowed the existence of such a restaurant - after all, the exploitation of child labor is prohibited by international agreements.

O'Noir Montrea restaurant. In 1999, a dark restaurant O'Noir Montreal opened in Zurich. The interior is made in dark colors, there is practically no light, and the waiters escort visitors to the tables in night vision devices. Lighters, mobile phones and other lights or illumination are prohibited in the establishment. The idea of ​​the restaurant became so popular that similar establishments began to open all over the world - in France, Germany, USA, England, Australia, Russia. In Canada, moreover, visitors are served by blind waiters. Only it is inconvenient to eat here with comfort - the food is not corny to be seen, but you can concentrate on the taste sensations.

Heart Attack Grill Restaurant. In the American Phoenix, there is the Heart Attack Grill, where you can taste the maximum amount of unhealthy food. On the menu - food with a huge amount of cholesterol, combined lunches and dinners include beer and cigarettes. Waitresses, dressed in sexy costumes of nurses who are ready to help, give color to the institution. If the visitor manages to eat the largest burger on the menu, then, as a bonus, charming waitresses will take him in a wheelchair to the car. On the menu you will not find unfiltered cigarettes and diet coca-cola.

Dinner in the Sky. Brussels Dinner in the Sky offers lunch 50 meters above the ground. The unusual table can accommodate 22 people, there are also three chefs, waiters and an entertainer. The table is 9 meters long, 5 meters wide and weighs 6 tons. The whole company, along with the table itself, as well as the awning, lamps and chairs with seat belts, is transported to the destination by a crane. The lower platform of the restaurant is given to the grand piano, on which the musician performs live music. As a result, the total weight of the structure is 22 tons. Due to its mobility, a similar attraction restaurant has visited many countries - Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, the USA, etc.

Amsterdam's De Kas Restaurant is known for growing vegetables on site. When ordering a dish, the necessary ingredients are collected right there from the beds. This serves as an excellent demonstration of the environmental friendliness and naturalness of the dishes served. The restaurant was built inside a former greenhouse, blending in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The visitor even has the idea that the tables are right in the beds. However, the restaurant cannot be considered vegetarian - the menu contains both seafood and locally produced meat. Curious visitors can watch the work of a famous chef, a local celebrity, by taking his table. The interior itself is very unusual - transparent walls, olive and lemon trees around.

Modern Toilet Taipei. In Taiwan, they decided to bring a toilet theme to the restaurant's interior. So it turned out that in Modern Toilet Taipei the chairs and all utensils are made in the form of toilets. Napkins and towels have been replaced with toilet paper. Toilet accessories - branded urinals and other delights - are hung on the walls. And the soundtrack corresponding to the interior - the sounds of water being drained from the tank are constantly heard. The owners of the establishment draw the attention of visitors to the fact that they are given the opportunity not only to eat, but also to get a charge of good mood. Although the food is no different, the restaurant is fun. The dressing theme has generally become popular in the East, and this is expressed even in children's toys.

New York. The next interesting restaurant is American New York. Despite its name, the establishment has a completely different concept. There is nothing connected with the city here, everything is unusual here, starting with the interior. You can't find tables and chairs in the restaurant, but you will have to eat on the bed, imagining yourself an Arab sheikh, the owner of several oil wells. This concept allows attracting a large number of people to this place, of course, quite wealthy.

Observatory Restaurant Johannesburg. In South Africa, in the city of Limpopo, the Observatory Restaurant Johannesburg was created, in which gastronomy is closely intertwined with astronomy. In between meals, it is suggested to look at the stars with the help of a large telescope located right there. Thus, the starry sky will appear in a completely different form. For restaurant visitors, this pleasure is absolutely free, but do not be afraid that a crowd of onlookers will immediately gather at the device and create a queue - everything here is thought out and made for a comfortable stay.

Alkatraz. There is a whole chain of restaurants in Tokyo called Alkatraz. All institutions are united by a prison theme. Before getting inside, visitors are read the rules of visiting the restaurant and fingerprinted. Then the guests are offered to taste the "thieves'" cocktail and change into a prison uniform, in which they go to jail. It is there that visitors rest, plunging into the atmosphere of prison life for a while. One of the restaurants is a prison hospital, where visitors are driven to a table inside the prison cell in a wheelchair. The waitresses are portrayed as nurses, handcuffed, and realistic about willingness to inject with a terrifying syringe. And the names of the dishes correspond to the institution - "Dead Chicken", "Intestine", "Sosika-Penis". In Moscow, by the way, there is a club called "Zone" with a similar concept.

Bolivian restaurant Chacaltaya ski resort Cordillera is located at an impressive height of 5340 meters above sea level. The main customers of the institution are skiers who strive to visit the highest mountain restaurant in the world, without fear of possible oxygen starvation and headaches.

Bangkok restaurant The Cabbage @ Condom Restaurant is concerned about the spread of AIDS, which is why it decided to promote contraceptives. After all, the problem of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is especially acute now in Thailand. Here in the restaurant they decided to remind their visitors that condoms are an integral part of human life. The founder himself, Mikayi Viravaidiya, is also the head of the public organization for the development of the population. The entire interior of the establishment is made in the appropriate style, with numerous use of condoms. There are also other contraceptive products hanging on the walls. On the posters and napkins there are recommendations on a healthy lifestyle and proper family planning. The very name of the restaurant literally means "Cabbage and Condoms". Perhaps this is also due to the fact that cabbage is a very popular food product in the country, and condoms should become just as popular in the opinion of the owner of the establishment.

Kuappi Iisalmi. The smallest restaurant in the world is Kuappi Iisalmi, with just one table and two chairs on the terrace. In such a place, a large company cannot roam. Its total area is 3.6 square meters, while the restaurant has its own bar and toilet. Due to the fact that the institution is open only in June and July, places in it should be ordered in advance.

The restaurant, located in the Hilton Hotel in the Maldives, is located 5 meters deep on a coral reef. The institution is completely glazed, which is why sharks, stingrays and other inhabitants of the ocean stare at visitors with might and main during the meal. The establishment itself is rather small, it has only 14 seats, which gives it intimacy and intimacy. To get on it, you need to walk from the above-ground restaurant Sunset Grill along the wooden deck and then go down the spiral staircase. It offers dishes of local, European and Eastern cuisines, while their cost is quite high - from $ 120 to $ 250 per serving. The walls of the restaurant are made of acrylic, and its name translates as "pearl". The staff of M.J. Murphy Ltd. from New Zealand, and the cost of construction of an unusual restaurant was $ 5 million.

Ghetto Gourmet cannot be called a restaurant in the usual sense of the word, but rather a social mini-network, a kind of club where you can have a snack in a pleasant and often unexpected setting. The owners of the club are brothers Joe and Jeremy, who regularly hold gastronomic meetings of their club in the most unexpected places. It may be an art gallery, or it may be a parking lot, and there are frequent gatherings in the home of someone from the community. Usually the next meeting place is chosen by a vote of the permanent members of the club. The meal is accompanied by a casual conversation, since almost everyone already knows each other. It is also customary for visitors to watch entertainment and cultural programs organized by the owners of Ghetto Gourmet, listen to live music. An initially unpretentious experiment by two Californians has grown into a full-fledged network. Today, guests usually sit on cushions at small tables. The ration consists of four courses for a total cost of about $ 40.

In Reykjavik, the Perlan restaurant has chosen an unusual place for itself - it is located on the roof of huge hot water tanks. Few people think that urban elements can serve as a support for such an institution. Meanwhile, the idea is not so bad - local residents rationally use the capabilities of human structures no worse than the nature of their country. This arrangement helps to significantly save on heating, the restaurant does not need a "warm" field, because it warms up significantly anyway. In addition, the tanks serve as something like a support, or an artificial hill, from which a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings opens. Visitors will be able to see the surrounding view in all its glory - after all, the restaurant is made in the form of a glass dome, moreover, it also rotates, making one complete revolution in 2 hours. The restaurant opens only at half past six in the evening, it is locally very romantic, allowing you to also appreciate the beauty of the night sky. The very name of the establishment translates as "pearl", apparently the owner of the restaurant decided to emphasize that his establishment is the decoration of the city.

Taipei's A Beitou Incinerator sits on a 150-meter pipe in a waste recycling factory. Using the elevator, the restaurant can be reached in 35 seconds and offers a beautiful view of the city. Most of the dishes belong to Chinese cuisine. Restaurateurs ensure that visitors do not smell any foreign odors and can fully enjoy the taste of the food.

The Finnish restaurant Puutorin Vessa Turku is generally located on the site of a former public toilet. The restaurant is a landmark of Turku, and it was opened in 1997 on Puutori Square. The owner of the restaurant, musician Lasse Laaksonen decided to infuse the interior of the establishment with "toilet humor". For example, beer glasses resemble chamber pots. The Finns even joke that this restaurant is called the first toilet with the right to sell alcoholic beverages.

Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock. For those who are bored of the walls, the Australians suggest visiting an open-air restaurant in the desert, near the Uluru Stone. It is in Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock that people can truly breathe freedom and enjoy the "sounds of silence". Tourists can watch the sun fall asleep and the stars wake up. The dining options on offer are gourmet-worthy - kangaroos, crocodiles, ostriches, and unusual spices. The restaurant has been repeatedly awarded as the best restaurant in the country for tourists. In addition, the institution has telescopes for observing the starry sky, besides, the astronomer tells fascinating stories about planets and luminaries.

Hooters. Once upon a time, in 1983, a chain of eateries called Hooters appeared in America. The main highlight of the establishments was the charm of the waitresses and their cheerful disposition, as well as the seductive tight clothes. It was thanks to the girls that the network became popular throughout America, eventually becoming an entire empire. Today, Hooters in the US alone includes more than 40 restaurants, a hotel and casino in Las Vegas (of course, with charming girls in branded uniforms as staff), its own modeling agency and a glossy publication. All over the world, partners have opened more than 400 establishments under this brand. Sales in the states alone exceeded $ 2 billion. The network sponsors major sports competitions, beauty contests, and has launched the production of souvenirs. Interestingly, over the past 25 years, the appearance of the service personnel has not changed much, because the concept turned out to be extremely successful. The girls are dressed in shorts, T-shirts, knee socks and white sneakers. However, this network is not at all immoral, on the contrary, parents with children come here, this is a kind of family restaurant. Large televisions are hung all over the walls, allowing fans to watch sporting events.

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