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If you can't grow a star, you just have to buy it. This tactic is followed by many tycoons who want to make their football club the best. Millions have come to football, more and more money is allocated to buy players. Let's talk about the 30 most expensive players in the history of football (the most expensive amount paid for a player is taken into account).

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United - Real Madrid), 94 million euros. Florentino Perez returned to Real Madrid, who in the previous reign just bought all the stars. And now, barely becoming president in 2009, he presented the fans with the expected Cristiano Ronaldo, about whose transition rumors have been circulating for the past 2 years. And the footballer can be understood - every footballer dreams of playing for Real Madrid, especially since all imaginable trophies have already been won in Manchester.

2. Zinedine Zidane (Juventus - Real Madrid), 73.5 million This transfer remained the most expensive for a long time, it seemed that it would be impossible to beat it. The Juventus leader moved to Real Madrid, quickly becoming the leader there. His game became wiser and more spectacular, Zinedine himself became the champion of Spain, winning the Champions League, having spent more than 220 matches for Real Madrid. Fans and club management pleaded with the footballer not to leave, but he was adamant, leaving immediately after the 2006 World Cup. Today Zidane is one of the legends of the Madrid club, advisor to Florentino Perez.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter - Barcelona), 69.5 million In 2009, Barcelona, ​​not wanting to lag behind Madrid rivals, pulled off a super deal. The main striker Eto'o went to Inter, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic was acquired in the opposite direction. The total value of the deal, with an additional payment, was almost 70 million euros. The Bosnian Swede is famous for his filigree technique. His career went on ascending - Malmö-Ajax-Juventus-Inter… And everywhere the striker never stopped scoring goals. Barcelona coach Guardiola was able to rebuild the tactical scheme to fit his vision, with a powerful striker at the forefront of the attack. Ibrahimovich is the best in his role in the world. Only now, despite the goals scored, the Swede's play leaves a double impression - grinding is still going on.

4. Kaka (Milan - Real Madrid), 65 million A little earlier than Cristiano Ronaldo, another Ballon d'Or winner was acquired - Kaka from Milan. The Brazilian has won the love of Italian fans as the club's main star. However, a tasty offer, coupled with the debts of “Milan” made the impossible - Kaka moved to Madrid. It is worth noting that the year before, the footballer had rejected an even more impressive offer from the sheikhs-hosts of Manchester City. According to rumors, the Arabs offered 120 million euros, but the footballer did not dare then leave a close club and move to the English middle peasant.

5. Luís Figo (Barcelona - Real), 60 million. In 2000, Luís, who had become the idol of Barcelona by that time, unexpectedly moved into the camp of the worst enemy. This purchase was the first acquisition for Perez, the start of the stellar Real Madrid. Figo, however, every time he was at the Barcelona stadium, he was greeted with a flurry of insults and curses for his "betrayal". There is a known case when a pig's head was even launched at a football player from the stands. In 2005, the footballer, having spent 163 matches for Real only in the championship, left to finish the game at Inter.

6. Hernan Jorge Crespo (Parma-Lazio), 55 million Lazio in 1999-2000 became an ambitious and bright project of Sergio Craniotti. The Argentinean was supposed to be the main scorer, and he did not disappoint, with 26 goals in his first season becoming the best sniper in Serie A. Soon the striker left the club in order to change Ronaldo in Inter, then there were Chelsea, Milan, again Inter, Genoa, Parma ... The performances in Lazio became the peak of Hernan's career.

7. Gianluigi Buffon (Parma - Juventus), 54.1 million In 2001, the poor Parma could not resist the offer of Juventus. And the Turin club was right. The main goalkeeper of the Italian national team is still # 1 in Juventus, having gone through a humiliating match-fixing scandal with him and a link to Serie B. Despite the tempting offers of European and Italian giants, Buffon, unlike many other Turin residents, did not leave the club, becoming a real symbol of Juventus.

8. Gaiska Mendieta (Valencia - Lazio), 48 million Shortly before the transfer, Valencia made a splash in European football, it is not surprising that the ambitious Craniotti's Lazio laid eyes on its captain. However, the transfer has become one of the most unfortunate in the history of football. The Spaniard absolutely did not take root in the club, only occasionally coming out as a substitute. For Lazio Mendieta spent only 20 matches, he ended his career in the modest English Middlesboro. It is interesting that the transfer proceedings ended only recently, for a long time the amount of the transaction was not paid by the Italians in full.

9. Andriy Shevchenko (Milan - Chelsea), 46 million. Almost immediately after Roman Abramovich's acquisition of Chelsea, the new owner began courting Shevchenko for a move to his club. For the time being, Andrei held back. However, in 2006 he left Milan, causing a storm of indignation and misunderstanding among the tiffozi, because Andrei managed to become one of the best goalscorers in the history of Milan. However, according to Shevchenko, such a step was simply necessary for his family. The career of a football player in Chelsea has developed ambiguously. A good start and the confidence of the coach gave way to injuries, surgery and recession. As a result - 76 matches and 22 goals. After a two-year lease in Milan (26/2) Shevchenko returned to his native Kiev, to finish the game at Dynamo.

10. Rio Ferdinand (Leeds - Man. United), 46 million In 2002, Manchester United acquired the promising Leeds defender for a record amount for a player of this role. Time has shown that this deal was not a mistake. Today Ferdinand is the captain of the England national team and the pillar of defense of the British grandee.

11. Christian Vieri (Lazio - Inter), 45 million. In the last year of the 20th century, Vieri left Lazio, where he spent 1 season at Inter. After all, Ronaldo needed a star partner. At that time, this transfer was the largest in the history of football. Despite the fact that Christian scored 103 goals for Inter in Serie A, the fans did not wait for the scudetto. Vieri himself subsequently made an amazing voyage - Milan, Monaco, Atalanta, Fiorentina ...

12. Ronaldo (Inter - Real Madrid), 43.5 million. Ronaldo's career at Inter did not work out, it was all the fault of injury. As a result, in 5 years - less than 70 matches in the championship. In 2002, the striker, just recovering from an injury, moved to Real Madrid, which continued to buy up stars. 118 goals scored in 194 matches is an excellent result, but the end of the performance was blurred by scandals, overweight and misunderstandings with the coach. As a result, the Brazilian went to Milan for a “modest” 10 million. Now "Phenomenon" is playing out in Brazil.

13. Robinho (Real Madrid - Man City), 43 million In 2008, Arab sheikhs began to build a new Manchester City. On the last day of the bidding company, Robinho was acquired from Real Madrid, who ceased to be in the base. Interestingly, until the last moment, all the media trumpeted the imminent transition of the Brazilians to Chelsea. Robinho quickly became one of the leaders of the club. However, with the arrival of the Italian Mancini on the City coaching bridge in 2010, the already out of shape Robinho was generally sent on loan to Brazil.

14. Juan Sebastian Veron (Lazio - Man. United), 42.6 million. In 2001, Manchester United acquired the star midfielder of Lazio for an impressive amount. However, "The Witcher" never managed to take root in England. Later, the Mankunians were able to sell Verona in Chelsea for a large sum, where he only confirmed his inconsistency with the English style.

15. Denilson (Sao Paulo - Betis). In 1998, this transfer surprised everyone. The middle peasant of the Spanish Examples immediately after the World Cup bought one of the most promising players of the Brazilian national team. However, the amount of the transfer really shocked, becoming a record at that time. Denilson eventually became a big disappointment - showing a solid game, he could not realize his talent in Betis. After Spain, the footballer's career went down sharply - Saudi Arabia, the United States and even Vietnam. The footballer became famous no longer for his sporting successes, but for the fact that he was once the most expensive football player in the world.

16. Rui Costa (Fiorentina - Milan), 42 million 2001 Fiorentina leader moved to Milan, which was in dire need of a creative player. The Champions League and the championship were won with the Italians. Having spent 169 matches in the championship in Milan, the Portuguese at the age of 34 returned to finish the game at home.

17. Dani Alves (Sevilla - Barcelona), 41.5m Alves is a typical Brazilian defender with a focus on attack and flaws in defense. Well, in Barcelona they love spectacular football. So the transfer of the footballer to the Catalan club in 2008 was not a surprise to anyone. Barcelona did not skimp on the transfer.

18. Pavel Nedved (Lazio - Juventus), 41.2 million. In 2001, Nedved moved to Juventus as an established star, becoming one of the creators of the Lazio scudetto. However, the Czech quickly became a leader in Juventus, becoming one of the few who did not leave the club after being sent to Serie B. In the championship alone, Nedved played 247 matches for the Turin players, and ended his career on May 31, 2009 with a match against Lazio. It was in Juventus that Pavel received the Golden Ball in 2003.

19. Filippo Inzaghi (Juventus - Milan), 40.9 million. Many chuckled at Inzaghi for his way of constantly getting into an offside position, but it was this style that allowed the striker to score and score. Having spent 165 matches for Juventus and scoring 89 goals, Philippe moved to Milan in 2001, where he still plays! It was here that Inzaghi won 2 Champions League, it was the double of this veteran in 2007 that brought the Italians an honorary trophy.

20. Mark Overmars (Arsenal - Barcelona), 40 million Overmars moved to Barcelona, ​​being one of the stars of Arsenal. In 2000, this jet player literally flew across the field. Unfortunately, Mark was never able to become the first violin anywhere, however, he always joined the team play successfully. This is evidenced by almost a hundred matches for the Catalans. In the memory of fans, Overmars remained one of the fastest and most technical players of his time. He left football due to injury at the age of 31, but his return 4 years later to the regular Dutch “Go Ahead Eagles” was more symbolic.

21. Dimitar Berbatov (Tottenham - Manchester United), 38 million. The Bulgarian's career went up - CSKA (Sofia) - Bayer Leverkusen - Tottenham - Manchester United. The transfer from Tottenham in 2008 was signed just hours before the transfer window closed. However, injuries do not allow the Bulgarian to open up yet, although Sir Alex believes in him, noting not only the player's scorer qualities, but also skillful actions in the game.

22. Fernando Torres (Atlético - Liverpool), 38 million It has long been clear that Torres has outgrown Atlético. The only question was which of the grandees would entice the rising star to himself. The second club for Fernando was Liverpool, this happened in 2007. I must say, the union turned out to be mutually beneficial. It is difficult to imagine the British today without Torres. In his debut season, he broke the Premier League record for goals scored by foreigners. Only here are not enough trophies, but Fernando has everything ahead.

23. Michael Essien (Lyon - Chelsea), 38 million Many were perplexed by such a high cost of Essien. In 2005, the player nicknamed "Bison" moved to London. With his play and versatility, Michael quickly justified the acquisition. In the 2006/207 season, he was named the club's best player, and today he has more than 100 appearances for Chelsea. Essien is distinguished by intransigence, rigidity, strong blow. This is a real fighter who does not shun black work.

24. David Beckham (Man.United - Real Madrid), 37.5m. It is said that the reason for this transfer in 2003 was a boot, in anger thrown by Manchester United coach Fergusson in the head of a star player. In Manchester, David won many trophies, became an advertising idol, but his stay in Real was not enough for complete success. The stay in Spain became ambiguous for the player, David could not find his game in any way, and he was often used in unusual positions. But the club easily paid for the transfer for promotional activities. 159 matches, 20 goals and the Spanish title - these are Beckham's achievements in Real Madrid.

25. Wayne Rooney (Everton - Man. United), 37 million In 2004, it seemed like a risky move to shell out that kind of money for a promising young 18-year-old striker. However, the purchase paid off. Today he is the leader of Manchester and England.

26. Didier Drogba (Lyon - Chelsea), 37m. 2004 marked one of Abramovich's biggest purchases as host of Chelsea. The transfer of the Ivorian turned out to be successful - with all the coaches Drogba played and scored. 300 matches and over 100 goals are proof of that.

27. Lilian Thuram (Parma - Juventus), 36.5 million Together with Buffon, Juventus bought this defender in Parma, who became the stronghold of the Turin defense. After 144 matches played in the championship, Lilian moved to Barcelona, ​​not wanting to play in Serie B.

28. Arjen Robben (Chelsea - Real Madrid), 36m An extremely talented but also injury prone player moved from Chelsea to Real Madrid in 2007. After playing 63 matches for Madrid in 2 years and winning the Spanish Championship, Robben moved to Bavaria.

29. Javier Saviola (River Plate - Barça), 35.9 million. In 2001, Saviola moved to Barcelona as one of the most promising strikers. However, expectations did not live up to, spending further seasons on leases.

30. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool - Real Madrid), 35.4 million In 2009, the Spaniard returned to his homeland. Many wondered why Real Madrid, having a long-standing problem in the center of the field, does not pay attention to one of the best domestic defenders. And so Xabi Alonso moved from Liverpool to the team of Florentin Perez, becoming a significant part of the new “galacticos” under construction.

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